 Under-performing Johnston County Schools

 $10 million-dollar budget short fall

 480 layoffs come March 2020

 Losing Highly Qualified teachers

 Teacher Pay is too low

 Underfunded Public Schools

Top Priorities if Elected

 I believe Johnston County Board of Education must be responsive and receptive to parents,

staff, students and our community, encouraging transparency and accountability.

 My efforts as a board member would center on serving all children of Johnston County.

 A key issue for school boards is to create a long-term vision, mapping a course that provides

the necessary opportunities for student success.

Together, We can Rebuild, Reshape and Restore Johnston County Schools!

We must REBUILD our struggling school district and efficiently support under-performing schools and resourcefully support the schools that did not meet growth.

We must RESHAPE our schools in Johnston County and level the playing field for all students and end disproportionate school funding.

We must RESTORE confidence in our teachers, empower them in the classroom and push for salary increases to retain highly qualified teachers.